Friday, August 12, 2005

Leda and the Sea

What a great week!

We went to the seashore this past week (for five days, actually) and boy, did we have fun!

We arrived at the beach house on Saturday late morning - boy was it HOT! We usually go down around the beginning of July, so this was a different weather feeling for us! Thank goodness for air conditioning! Anyway, we unpacked and hung out, tried to stay cool.

My MO at the beach is a bit different than anywhere else...this is the only place I wake up early - without prompting! (of course, I wake up early all the time now! ;-) I usually head down the beach early in the morning, even before Brock wakes! Well, not this year! I have Leda to thank for that (and I really don't mind!)

So, Sunday morning, up early, feed Leda and then I head off to Kohlers to sit outside to hope I get a good number for KOHLER DONUTS!!!! Woo Hoo! I am back by quarter after 8! And Leda goes down for a nap, so I finally get to go for my walk on the beach around 9ish...a little late, as high tide is coming in, so not really good for beach combing - but hey, I got to do my communing with nature thing!

Sunday at noon we head to the beach. It was a little overcast, which was actually a good thing, since it was so darned hot! When the Sun wasn't out, it felt better! The water was a little chilly on Sunday (it was probably about 70 degrees!) so, when we attempted to introduce Leda to the ocean for the first time, she found it a little lacking! She cried everytime we put her feet in the water - take her out, she stopped, put her in, she started! It was quite funny. Anyway, we had a little bit of lunch on the beach, Chris, the Durhams and the Shiers joined us, and then, the thunder rolled in!! I got a bit freaked out, figuring we had to pack everything up and get the kid back to the house before the skys opened up, so, after about an hour on the beach, we packed up and right about the time we were leaving, the lifeguards had everyone out of the water and were suggesting we leave the beach for our safety!

The rest of Sunday, we hung out at the house. It barely rained! After all that! And, it didn't get much cooler either!

Monday was a nice day! At least, the morning was. The afternoon was nice, just not as sunny. We headed out on the boat with the Durhams and Chris. This was going to be John's first trip to the ocean on his boat! It was quite exciting! Will he or won't he, that was the question!

Leda had to wear a horrible lifejacket - she fussed for a few minutes as we were leaving the dock, but soon fell into a sorta sleeping state (opening one eye every so often to check to see if I was still there). We headed out and go to the inlet, and John went for it! We ended up out in the ocean for a little while before we headed back. It was kinda fun! Leda liked it!

John on the ocean
John on the ocean - that would be Avalon behind him! Look, he's smiling too!
Leda on the boat, on the ocean
Leda, getting a little breather in that hot lifejacket! She likes the boat!

So, we had a great day on the bay and the ocean! We headed back in so we could beat low tide and proceeded home for naps - most everyone did have a nap, before we headed over to the Shier's for a little Seafood Feast! We had a couple of cocktails as Brock cooked seafood (scallops, clams, shrimp and flounder, Oh My!). Leda got a little off schedule and we had forgotten to bring her bottle, so, after the child started screaming, I drove her home (only a 30 or so block drive) for dinner, and then back, sleeping away, so Mommy could have a little seafood! It was a little cold, but it was really good, and everyone had a good time!

Tuesday wasn't such a great day! It rained pretty much all day long - but, you know what I like to say, "A bad day at the beach is SO much better than a great day at work!!" I did a little tour of some of the art galleries and bought a sweatshirt and t-shirts for Leda and I. Around lunch time, we headed over to the Cape May County Park and Zoo...yes, there's a zoo in Cape May (Court House, actually) - And not just some petting zoo, but a full fledged zoo, with Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Like something like 150 animals! And, it's free!!!! A donation is all that is asked for at the entrance, and that is at your discretion! So, we toured the zoo with Chris, the Durhams and the Shiers! We had the rain! Leda didn't get much out of it, as she really could care less about animals just yet (although she does show interest in Duff!)

We had planned to head to Wildwood for dinner, but the rain just got harder in the afternoon, so we had the Shiers over for pizza and a movie - Meet the Fockers - what a hilarious movie! I love Dustin Hoffman!

Wednesday was packing day, but we headed down to the beach in the late morning before we had to pack and go. The day was just BEAUTIFUL.
A GREAT day at the beach

The day was hot, but there was enough of a breeze on the beach to make it comfortable. And the water was like 81 degrees!!! Leda liked it!

Leda checking out the surf Big Waves
Leda out in the surf with Daddy!

We had a nice couple of hours on the beach with the Durham's. Leda seemed to enjoy herself more this time around - she cried a little toward the end of the time in the water, but she did seem to like it more - we got a smile or two out of her! We met a little boy Matt and his mother. Matt's mom said that he was about Leda's age when she introduced him to the ocean and now, she can't get him out of it! Just what we are hoping for!


Leda got a little tired from her swim in the ocean, so we headed back for our cabana (best $70 ever spent - get yourself one - and she promptly rolled over and took a nap!

Leda - worn out! Leda - taking a snooze in the cabana

The Durhams had some fun on the beach too!
The Durhams

Alas, our time at the beach was short, we needed to pack up and come home, which we did late Wed.

Leda had fun down the beach, and her schedule really didn't get too screwed up, and she slept through the night just fine! She started sucking her thumb a little while we were down there, started giggling (almost belly laughs, which made Mommy laugh and cry at the same time!) when Mommy would tickle her tummy! She has started to want to go to sleep with a blanket held tightly between her fingers! Just like Mommy was! She also, is definitely her mother's daughter - she slept late when allowed to! ;-) I can't wait to get Leda down there when she's a little older and can go beach combing with Mommy!

I think my record for reading books down the beach is like 9 in one week...this year, I think I got one and a half chapters of the new Harry Potter completed!! (DON'T ANYONE SAY could be MONTHS before I finish the Harry Potter book, so DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING!!!!) I didn't even get to read a James Patterson book at the beach - Oh, The Horror! Oh well, sooner or later, I will get to read again! (and not just Goodnight Moon!)

We had a blast. We are definitely heading back down next year! and the year after that, and the year after that.....

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