Friday, August 26, 2005


My family members have become quite accustom to receiving their birthday cards from me late...several days late! In fact, so used to this practice of mine they were, that last year, when I actually sent the card so it arrived BEFORE the special event, they all thought something was wrong with me (it was, I was pregnant!).

I DO, however, ALWAYS remember to call on the special day to wish them a Happy Birthday and inform them that the "cards are in the mail!"

Now, I always (and, knowing what you already know from the first paragraph, you probably will not believe this) purchase the birthday cards AT LEAST 3 weeks ahead of said birthday with EVERY intention of having them signed, sealed and delivered by the special day! I have even purchased cards MONTHS ahead of birthdays that I forgot and purchased a second card!!

So, 4 weeks ago - YES, FOUR WEEKS AGO - Leda and I are out at Target. I think forward into August and figure I'd better purchase birthday cards for my brother-in-law, Kurt. So Leda and I browse through the card section (do you know that there are really very little "Uncle" cards out there???) and pick out two, one for a brother-in-law and one for an Uncle...His VERY.FIRST.UNCLE card (and, boy was I happy with my pick!). We come home and I place cards in a very prominent place in the dining room and tell Leda to remind me to sign and send them.

Last night, I am cleaning the dining room and come across the very prominent place in said dining room, where I pick up the cards to clean underneath them - two seconds later I realize that I have FORGOTTEN TO SEND THE DARN CARDS!!!! Leda totally forgot to remind me!


Kurt's birthday was Monday.

I am a dufus!

Happy Birthday Uncle Kurt! The cards are in the mail! Love ya!

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