Tuesday, August 30, 2005


We went to see Jimmy Buffett (4th year in a row) this past Saturday night. He, instead of playing the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ, played the new ball park, Citizen's Bank Park, in Philly. This was the first ever concert at the ball park....well, actually, Saturday night was the 2nd concert - he played Thursday night too!

So, we met up with Bob and Linda, Kayla, Gary and Rich for a little tailgating in the rain (luckily it didn't rain the whole time, and it cleared up for the concert) and Tom and Karen met up with us just before the concert. We had okay seats (GREAT seats for a ball game, not so great seats for Buffett) - they were quite some ways away from the stage, which was in center field. And, Jimmy came out shortly after 8pm...and he was great - the acoustics, they sucked! And, unfortunatly, for a short while, the video and audio didn't match up!

Jimmy WAS great - I mean, if you know your Buffett, the audio can suck, it don't matter, you still sing along with it! But it was kinda disappointing that they hadn't figured out from Thursday night how to make the sound better. In any case, the song selection was awesome (he did my all-time favorite, "One Particular Harbour" and "Southern Cross" for the first encore!). He had a tribute to Johnny Carson video play just before they came back from intermission that introduced the first song of the second set, "Let's get drunk and screw." Always love his suggestion to parents who bring their kids to hold their hands over the kids ears! That will be Brock and I in a few years when we take Leda!! ;-)

He did a second encore when he came out and played Bruce's "Glory Days." That was kinda interesting, but considering he's doing a lot of ball parks this time around, I guess it makes sense. I let Brock lead me out of the stadium then (he get's antsy...HATES the traffic!) but we watched from the concorse on the way out. And, at the end of the song, BONUS - FIREWORKS!!! I didn't get to see fireworks this year, so this was particularly awesome for me! Buffett AND Fireworks! WOW! And, the fireworks were REALLY CLOSE and REALLY LOUD...EVEN BETTER!!!! (you probably all know how much I LOVE the loud boomer ones! There were LOTS of those!!)

So, we got back to the car in record time, got in, pulled out and were on the 76 within 5 minutes....WOW!! That, in a million years, will NEVER happen again, so I hope Brock enjoyed it! Seriously, we told Megan (our babysitter) that we would be back NOT before 12, but hopefully before 1...we waked in the house at 11:45!! Cool!

Anyway, to sum up (and no, I don't believe there was a sentry in this story!) (inside joke, some of you will get, others just ignore)...Jimmy Buffett, Good; Citizen's Bank Park, Good; Jimmy Buffett at Citizen's Bank Park - not the best, but it did in a pinch. Hope he comes back next year to the Tweeter, or else, we are heading back up to Jones Beach to see him like we did last year (great venue!)

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