Thursday, August 25, 2005

4 Months Old!

Wow! We've reached 4 months without any serious mishaps! Great!

Leda's growing and becoming more of a little person than a newborn baby now! She's definitely developing a personality, and so far, it looks pretty good! She is quite happy, which bodes well for us.

We had our 4 month doctor visit yesterday. We are officially 16lbs, 7oz (Mommy was off by quite a bit! I thought for sure she'd be 18 pounds!) and 25 inches (I still think she's closer to 26, but oh well!). The doctor said she's a perfectly healthy little girl who will stop sleeping through the night at 8 months! I said, What?!?!? He said, I just want you to come back in here and tell me I was wrong! Let me tell ya, I was sweating it there for a moment. Actually, we were all sweating...we apparently were put in the one exam room that had a broken air conditioning system, so it was HOT in there! Leda smiled and did a little belly laugh for Dr. and he told us that we can expect her to start "scooting" any time now...he said she was quite strong for her age, and when he checked how she was on her belly, she basically held herself up with her arms and knees...she could have started crawling right then and there!

Well, the dr. declared her healthy and the nurse was sent back in for the 4 shots! Bad Nurse! (actually, love the nurse - she's the only one that has seen Leda since she left the hospital and she's really great) Anyway, I decided I would hold her this time, I mean, it's not fair that Brock has to hold her EVERY time she get's shots, right. So I held her, Brock held her leg and the nurse gives her the first shot. Leda looks at her with this look like, "hey, what ya do that for?" but didn't cry. The second one, the SCREAMING commenced! I mean, I had never heard this child scream and cry like she did yesterday! The nurse quickly gave her the other two shots and crawled out of the room. Leda was screaming, I was trying not to cry myself and Brock is kinda laughing at us. It took us a bit to get her to calm down enough to catch her breathe, and the nurse came back in to get Brock to sign the shot paperwork - Leda didn't see her, but heard her, and the SCREAMING commenced! I am pretty sure the nurse felt like dirt! I know I pretty much had to be scrapped off the floor by the time we left the exam room. Not only did our little girl hurt, but it was HOT as HELL in that room!

Anyway, we did get her calmed down, Brock took her home, I went back to work and later in the evening, Leda was no worse for the wear, albeit, a bit tired from the day’s events...we slept right through the night without a peep. And, we woke up happier than a pig in...well, you know!

AND, I announced to Brock last night, that he will be holding Leda every time she gets a shot from now on!! ;-)

Leda belly laughs, she's started squealing with delight (which is the absolute COOLEST thing!), she definitely recognizes Mom and Dad, and she's fascinated by Duff (who is most times indifferent to her, but does, on occasion, seem to love her as much as he loves us! He is REALLY patient with her when she grabs a hold of his hair!) She loves watching the fish, and really doesn't know we have a cat (but then again, most of our family and friends don't know we have a cat! ;-)

We are looking forward to heading up to the Thousand Islands during Labor Day week...we will be doing NOTHING for 6 full days!! It will be nice! (well, we will be visiting some Canadian friends, and Leda will be taking her first trip out of the country (COOL! Her first stamp in her BRAND NEW PASSPORT!!), but other than that, no plans to do anything but NOTHING!!)

But, we still have a week to go and plenty of stuff happening (Jimmy Buffett sighting this weekend!!!!) so, stay tuned!

Happy Birthday, Leda!

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